Monday, January 23, 2006

Today got new student sia...
She is called Chen Lei??
She is from BOWEN secondary...
Bowen lehz..
Bowen proved Mr Hia WRONG!!
He brought a girl to see mr hia.. haha..
Bowen.. i did not think tt u were liddat lehz..
so lecherous.. haix.. i so disappointed..
then today bowen say want to treat her to watch movie .. haha..
aniwaes... Wei Cheng.. go update the class list lehz...
Ya.. tts all..

Jun Jie

2Eternon__*]] 6:18 PM

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I & E ROX!
Today was the 1st day of I & E lesson.
I & E stands for Investment and enterprise (incase u duno...)
Our class is like the most noisy 1... From choosing the company employees till the end of the lesson, we are like cheering and discussing loudly.
I know its rude to other class.. but i nvr(or rarely) see our class so LOUD...
In this fun lesson we get to ACT like buisnesspeeps and work in the friendship bracelet company
all ppl in a group have a different role. When we are told to stand up by our roles the whole class clap and cheer like crazy
Then after tat, our companies mus sell their shares to 3 venture capitalists which were the teachers. Benjamin in my company act Loan Shark and try to threaten them to buy the shares at higher price..(of coz it wont work)
Bowen's company are kinda "creative" coz they made a song and cheer for themselves. The song is dedicated to bowen itself.. Can't rmb the lyrics although quite simple
The general shop cheated our BB coz the shop got write tt the design package ives 6sheets of paper but they onli give us 3..
Then mus design and make sample of the bracelet.. My company nvr do anything coz we entangle the strings..
4.40pm then dismiss..
Tired day but fun with I&E!

2Eternon__*]] 9:02 PM

Wa lao...
you noe hor the paint classroom thing rite?
ya lor.. yesterday the VP and the Mr Teo ..
they came and judged!!!
and no one was in the class....
then my fren and I went in to on the lights and fan for them..
then they ask me .. havent finish ar?
i answered yes lor...
haix... too late liao larhz...
then christopher they all never go paint..
sian.. now really no need to paint liao lor...
anywaes...even if we paint oso confirm wont win de lor..
go and see 2F bahz... so nice lor...
i feel so diu lian lehz...
haha.. my fren and I sian diao..
so we go and on the lights and fans for those class that no one inside..
then we do until sec 3 level..
wa then sec 3 block B rite got one class..
i cannot remember la.. i think is 3I..
they hor.. paint the ceiling and outside classroom oso paint..
then 3A is SOOOOO clean lorz... they like clean the classroom everyday lehz..
their chairs are on the table neatly de lors...

sian.. dont u ppl feel guilty???
-Jun Jie

2Eternon__*]] 8:38 PM

Sunday, January 15, 2006

This blog will now undergo minor changes and add-ons until further notice. This means no more change of whole blog skin and big stuff. Take more pics to flood the gallery. Just send them to the mods.
(PS: Pls identify urself while tagging...)

2Eternon__*]] 12:26 PM

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ok.. our class today in a mess after sch to finish the painting. Onli few of us stayed bak. Some ppl are pissed off and made the work harder and every1 sttarts to slack... The ship and the spongebob lik nvr complete yet... Dam Bowen after cca come in class for 5min then go home without doing anythin.. Tml deadline sia... Duno Mr Tan gt try to extend the deadline or not... May God bless us... 0.o"

2Eternon__*]] 8:51 PM

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


2Eternon__*]] 3:44 PM


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