Wednesday, May 31, 2006

hey i edited the post okay? hopefully i put correctly already.

Holiday Homework.
1.Read a classic.
2.Write a book review.
It should include -Summary a) what the story is about. b) who were the main characters. c) did the main character run into any problems or have any adventures. -Personal Response a) write about a character you like/dislike in the book you read & give reasons for your choice.[reasons related to story]
3.Design a "wanted" poster on a character in the story : Include description of character + reward offered. Description and reward should fit the story.
/Note : Review must be typed, Poster on A4 size paper & not more than 2 pages. Clip art and illustration accepted.
/Deadline : Term 3 Week 1
4.Optional: Grammer Worksheet : Practice 34, 35 and 36.

Optional: Do 1994, 1999 and 2000 Math Test Papers.
2.Do Elementary Mathematics Worksheet
(+ answers).
3.Do Sec 2 Math Holiday Homework (+ answers).
4.Go on E-learning portal, find something about Variables.[sorry, i was sleeping. =P]

1.Chinese Book Review
-Introduce the book[100 words]. -Personal Response[200 words].
2.One Newspaper Article -Summary[no limit]. -Reflection[at least 100 words].
3.Copy 'cheng yu' 151 - 200
4.Chinese Worksheets

1.Optional: Science WB Chapter 9 and 10

Optional: Romantic Comedies Worksheet.
2.Animal Farm Character Study Worksheet.
3.Read up on
Merchant Of Venice Act II Sc 7, Sc 9 and Act III Sc 2.

1.Two Newspaper Articles.
-One without reflection. -One with summary + reflection[100 words each].

1.Do Powerpoint Presentation on your given topic.
Introduce it and crap.

Home Economics
1.Task Analysis
and Learning Goals.
/Note : Advise you to just do everything.

okay i edited the thing, because i apparently input wrong stuff. pai seh ppl. erm


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Hi guys,
anyone got the logo for the class jersey? Send it to me at i-luv_arsenal@excite.com or upload it on the class blog. thx
chou ni ma de bi!
Geng Zhi

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hey ya'll. I totally lovve hip hop r&b yaw hahaha. Ok im rly bored. I cannot stand not going out. Even tho i jus came bk. Okay lah bushybushyman lalalala. im bored byebye

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

hey y'all 'sup dudes and dudettes. hiphop 24/7 yaw. presshure's bored, presshure ain't feeling anything yaw. so shake that thang. !kung bushmen's gone hiphop yaw. imagine a bushmen dancing hiphop (woo hoo!)
ashley, the !kung bushmen turned hiphop r&b.
hey yaw im no bushy thang yaw.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


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hmm hmm should i post? ******************************** ********** ******** hee hee
hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaa this is all done out of boredom

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

hello PEOPLE
hehe its me blogging
umm. everyone shld get a good night slp!!
yes. you you you and all of you
go and slp.
its good for you.
its good for your complexion your brain your studies your memory your mind your wdv crap you have la
i just realised slping is so nice

posted by: REGINA.

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HEY YAW! Hahah. So happy i ate tom yum finally :) Ok um rly glad it's gonna be the hols reaaaal soon :) Tho... yah ahaha. :( Okay this is rly random BYEBYE.



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ALOHA! im so bored now. i thought i had to go at four but actly its four thirty. my mind's kinda blocked lately i dont know why! life's pretty good, so bye fellow !Kung Bushers
btw this is ashley.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

hello pple. it is currently 9.21 pm according to my clock. and i am watching singapore idol now!! so funny. anywae it is also quite LAME. wadevea.

good luck for your bazaar tomorrow!! woohoo!! haha. I LOVE MONEY!!!!!!!!!

-dilys [gy and gaoyinsheng rocks!]

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yoyoyo! r&b hiphop! the !kung bushmen's turned hiphop yaw *hey doooode 'sup!) anw, singapore idols starting in a few minutes hee hee. shall laugh my !kungs out and eat !kung pao chicken!
ashley, head of the !kung society)
members of the !kung society are:
chelsea toe (!kung bushwomen) <--?!?!?!
germy han (!kung germsmen)
petrina chewy (!kung chewmen)
adryl highlow (!kung highmen)
dilys dodobirdy (!kung dodomen)

this post is crap anybody may delete it.

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Come lah!! I join ashley(the !KungBushmen?!) haahah to update. :) Okayyyyyyyyyyyy. Have school tml, and if im not wrong its BAZAAR day. :S dots ahah. hmmm ashley and chelsea and zhangqian best of luck to us!! Let's hope a miracle would happen and one rock would be bought by some idi kind soul haha. :) Ashley tht font sucks! hahah looks so robot. Okay then eh school's gonna be OVER by next week. WOW. I'm totally lovin' it yaw. :D Hahah im holiday sick so long never go holiday alr!!!!! WHOO HOO! *flips hair/fringe* ahahah :) Only some pp would get the flippin' hair thang yaw. :)

Okay i shall end it with I'M IN LOVE WITH CLICK FIVE!! heeeehee :D AHHHH i LOVE THEM!! hahah okay i'll stop BYE.

p.s the admission tests were *whoo!* ahha not a breeze(def NOT) but a typhoon. hahaha :D ahha okay gtg eat. Bye vj! Hhaha :) Dunman high would be wayyyyy nicer(the new campus).. right? ahhaah :D

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

HEY Y'ALL. why aint anyone posting anymore? so the !Kung Bushmen shall do the work. tday's parent-teachers meeting was kinda boring. zzzzzzzz but dunman high's gna be so much nicer when we come back! so lets be happier and not complain so much bt the buona vista thingy (although i definitely will :D) but anyways, always look on the bright side of life *whistles*

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Monday, May 15, 2006

hello again. tmr's a holiday so make good use of this chance to slack your hearts out! and let's see how germ looks like on wednesday, with metal on her teeth :D
its okay lah jiamin, you'll have a shiny smile YEEEEEEEHA!
ashley. big enough dilys?

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

I just want to say that I LOVE THE SONG BY DISNEY CIRCLE OF STARS!! A dream is a wish your heart makes... I found the video on youtube OH YEA BABEHHH!! Hahaha. Okay um tml i guess, would be the last day you'll would see me without braces and im gonna be so quiet tht evryone's gonna rejoice. :(

NAHHHH!! Hhahaa!!! Just hope i'd won't would look weird lah haha whtever. Okay lah im gg to slp after listening to my disney song :) tata!

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a very good early evening to all you pple out there and mothers as well. haha.


good luck for spa test tomorrow. rmb to pass up the meet the parents day consent form tomorrow. and IT A HOLIDAY ON TUESDAY!!! A TIME TO CELEBRATE!!! (:

-dilys [gy and gaoyinsheng rocks!]

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howdy! just reached home from a one-of-a-kind lifetime experience in texas! came home in a taxi of course! only germ and toe will get this lol. anw HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all mothers. we definitely appreciate all of you :D
somebody please tell me what to do for history and when to pass it up!

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ps. thanks so much for blogging people, means alot to me =D

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Hello i think im blogging too muchy wuchy but WHO CARES :D got tuition teacher coming at 10.30 so this would be a quicky. Oh this is the link to the video chelsea showed ashley: http://youtube.com/watch?v=uoTXTFuWiGI
It's actually the last part of the movie grease(1). haha i loooooove tht show so cute :D This was when john travolta was skinny and nicer looking haha. chelsea is weird oooohhh yes. i think i shall stop blogging. but im BOREDDDDDDDD. Best of luck to everyone for spa test :S

to all mothers out there! :D

jiamin. :)

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

anybody here misses the camp? guess what... I do! :( during the camp i wanted to go home so much! but when im home i want to go camp :( ahha. weird i must say! ahhhhhhhhhh. but seriously i miss it heh. even though the toilets and tents make me puke but i kinda like the accompanies of my new friends yea? sigh, camp-sick... :(

chelsea the fiesta-ian :D

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UPDATE: If you cannot hear the song go to http://h1.ripway.com/eternon/index.html and dl it. TY.

Lyrics for the song!

We go together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong
Remembered forever as shoo-bop sha whada whadda yippidy boom da boom
Chang chang changity chang shoo bop that's the way it should be
Waooo Yeah

We're one of a kind like dip da dip da dip do whap de dobby do
Our names are signed like boogy boogy boogy boogy shooby shoo wap shoo wap
Chang chang changity chang shoo bop we'll always be like one

When we go out a night (oh oh)
And stars are shining bright (oh, oh)
Up in the skies above
Or at the high school dance
Where you can find romance maybe it might be oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh

Ramma lamma lamma ka dingity ding da dong
Shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yippity boom da boom
Chang chang changity chang shoo bop
Yip da dip da dip shoo bop sha dooby do
Boogy boogy boogy boogy shooby sho wap sho wap
Sha na na na na na na na yippity dip da do
Ramma lamma lamma ka dingity ding da dong
Shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yippity boom sha boom
Chang chang changity chang shoo bop
Yip da dip da dip shoo bopp sha dooby do
Boogy boogy boogy boogy shooby sho wap sho wap
Sha na na na na na na na yippity dip da do
A womp bop a looma a womp bam boom

We're for each other like womp bop a looma a womp bam boom
Just like my brother is sha na na na na na na na yippity dip da do
Chang chang changity chang shoo bop we'll always be together
Waooo Yeah!

We'll always be together...........


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I uploaded our mass dance song alr - it's we go together. Okay thank me!! :D Hahah im quite done here. Trying to cure my more than 17 bites on my right hand. Gonna peel soon. :( tata


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Friday, May 12, 2006

a very good morning to all you pple. (: haha. it is vesak day today and all those pple who need to go vegetarian shall be eating vegetables for the rest of the day.

anywae, let me just elaborate a little bit more about the freaking mosquitoes and toilets there.

freaking mosquitoes -

i noe all of us were bitten by these stupid freaking insects, especially shennlinn, who was bitten worse than me. haha. they are seriously very irritating and they have like followed me all the way home?!?! usually i dun even get mosquito bites at home lor. hmph. ):

toilets -

the toilets there were damned freaking smelly and i am seriously so happy to be back home with my spanking clean toilet bowl and my toilet. haha.

[dun forget the science SPA test on mon] ):

-dilys[gy and gaoyinsheng rocks!]

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btw you'll teach me how to upload is it must go some website and upload and bla?? Cos i hav the mass dance song. It's from the soundtrack of grease. YAHOOO!! I loooooveeee tht show. :D okay im gonna eat breakfast, just had a GOODNIGHT'S REST for the 1st in *uses fingers to count* ..... 3 nights! :)


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Wow. It's over. I won't say it's bad or good but it was fun la. Afterall, home is where the heart is. :) im gonna peel like a banana oh no... okay tata!!


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Thursday, May 11, 2006

hello people we've survived the camp! anw, if you happen to have the mass dance song please put it up on the class blog cause i love it! :)
okay have a good rest!

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wahaha, see im so nice, i blog here first instead of my own blog le, when plenty of other faithful readers are waiting for me...

everyone came to school as usual, cept for me. i came late haha. and i noticed ashley, jia min and some other people brought trolley bags. er... i shall not comment la. i only know i brought too much stuff when people like zi le brought only like, ONE battery bag.
after surrendering our handphones and wallets(did you? hehehe), we went on the bus and went to sarimbun camp, passing empty dirt roads, cemetries and malaysia and finally reaching Sarimbun Scout camp.
blahblahblah camp groupings and briefings. Then after much crap, went to go pitch tents. by now weather quite hot, and everyone was like spraying on insect repellent and yeah, it was damn hot la. then, being the slow people we are, we kinda delayed everything until lunch, which was alright, was an hour later, group flag making also and yeah. btw, im from group Adrian. we had lunch duty btw, so all we did was serve and clear up. not that much really. and we had fun doing it anyway.

the wall is 7 stories high and i only managed to reach like, 2/3 of it? yeah and it was really stressful when people are down below yelling at you to go to your left or right because both are difficult. but thanks for the cheering, even if it's not true. =D i think i heard several other people had screamed for their lives. Joanne never climbed, but Wei Cheng was NOT pro also, nvr climb nearly 3/4. haha.
we had to cross the river in 20 minutes, using either all, or some of the materials given: 3 poles, some rope and 3 tubes. everyone had to wear a life jacket. and we basically got wet i guess. oh and since we were always with group Bond, so we did things together. yeah, Bond finished around the same time as us. hmm i guess the most significant thing about the game was that when we had to tie the rope around this small tree, the rope actually pierced through a whole nest of caterpillars. and something about the bristles of the tree was poisonous i guess. i got only a few strands but Benjamin had his hand covered with them so it got numb and he had a fever after that. as, annoying as he is, we shouldn't call him a loser because i bet he didn't want to get sick either.
bah! i hate mud at that time but after the whole thing, it was very fun because we got close with spiderwebs and trees and dead fish and snails and murky water and plants and leaves and plenty of other things you might not want to say. well, at least there were no bees, because Justea had a bee attack drill at the spot where everyone was supposed to roll, lie or sit in the mud. we didnt do it because, haha! we had no time. i kinda regret it though. anyway, Justea had to duck into the murky water. eww. hahaha. there was also a story of AN OWL which was nearly 2 metres long and had a nest just outside the camp. it hasnt been spotted for years now, so most think it died or it flew away.

then anyway, we went back, kinda tired and tried to shower, but alot of girls were occupying the cubicles, they were the lucky people. others just showered in the outside shower, which i think those who stripped are really seh.
dinner was delayed for us because some of our members werent back on time so we had dinner when everyone was washing their utensils. yeah, so we were so hungry that we finished our food in 10 minutes. then reflection by form chers were boring and i slept through it really. bathing was near impossible for girls like me because bathroom was full and sleep was fitful. bloody sand, mud and insects.


thats day one, because im tired, i got my own blog to post entries and i wanna enjoy the late night tonight because tomorrow is VESAK DAY!!
haha, exactly (1 year - 2 days) ago, i went to suntec city and got nick shen's autograph. =D ok, crapping.
anyone else can blog their own group experience, we would like everyone to share thanks.
PS: people, think about youth day performance if you want us to take part yea?


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Sunday, May 07, 2006

good late evening and good night to those who have slept or not. haha. level camp is just less than 24 hours away. actually it is less than 10 hours away. so good luck pple. hope you will enjoy your camp. and carrying your luggages. haha.

2Eternon__*]] 10:22 PM


oh yes its me again!
oh yes, gna pack finish alr! huahuahua! so hows yall packing coming along! bettr start now!
oh yes, and my snr told me that be prepared to throw away the shoe that your gonna wear into the mud yeah! so evryone wear the oldest and the shoe that is rotting inside your cupboard collecting dust! hEh! btw tmr rmb to wear your 50th anniversary shirt with your school skirt/shorts. howday!

2Eternon__*]] 1:35 PM

Heyo! Hahah. I'm posting again it's too boring to be true :( Guess who am i... OH YES I AM chelsea poser the cowgay :D Ok i packed finish my bag alr lah. It was kinda fast packed evryth by last night. And totally unglam bag is bursting ahhah. My bag has some huge HITACHI on top. Ok gd'day folks yeeeha!! Hahah congrats to PAP who won the erection whoops election i mean HAHA. :) Pap still rocks lah haha. Hip hop never dies yaw!! Live on pressh-ure's feeling yaw!! :D Ok im done. This may be my last post this year alr lazy post ahah :D see ya latr alligator(s) ahaha. Camp's gonna be fun... right? *crosses fingers and toes* ahha :D CIAO


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Saturday, May 06, 2006

this is like the dunnoe how many posts of the day. haha. anywae lets elaborate on the EDS night that those of us who watched.

firstly, jiamin and ashley forgot to bring their tix. haah. so silly. and they said i never remind them... haha.

secondly, the EDS night was funny. there were many funny and lame jokes.

thirdly, there were 3 people from our class performing - petrina [2 plays], regina [1 play and encore] and angelina [2 dances].

fourthly, EDS night ended late by about 1 hour i think if we go according to the tickets.

these are most of the general details that i have. haha.

anywae, everyone rmb to pack your bags properly and good luck for SARIMBUN CAMP. haha. i havent packed my bags yet... rmb to wear your 50th anniverdary tee and sch skirt/shorts if on monday when you come to school [that is what i heard from people but it is better to double-check. haha.] I DO NOT ENJOY CAMPS. ):

rmb to do whatever homework there is.

-dilys [gy and gaoyinsheng rocks!]

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heh! i guess not everybody can guess who i am!! :D ahha! yes, im the jiamin poser, GERMO!
TO ATTACK THE HUMAN RACE! thats wht germs are here to do.
yeah too lazy to pack for camp, shall do it last min heh! :D alright goodnights.

2Eternon__*]] 10:42 PM


Hahaha i guess everyone can guess who i am!! :D ahha. Eds concert was niceee... ahahah! Great job comrades! :D Hahah first time blogging on class blog, since dilys and ashley hav alr posted ahah as well as jing qi. JINGQI YOU'RE THE BEST!! Hahah zhe ba ni tu rocks my socks!! and shoes.. ahha okay won't elaborate on the "shoe" part.. Hhaha. Okay camp.. uhh i guess im quite very sad that none of our you know dopokdagijimaona are inside.. Hahah tho yingjie's really nice :D Ok really hope it's gonna be a hella of a time tho ahaha. And another fustrating thing has happened *psstpsst* haha. Ok i think tht's all i guess. ENJOY CAMP!! And don't let the bed bugs bite!! :D ahahah. Pack ur stuff, check with checklist and rmb to bring BACK evryth ahha. TA TA(with some tartar sauce) heehee :D


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hey guys!
i have uploaded FEI YU QING'S SONG NI YI BA NI TU to the blog...go hear it!


we should make it our class song.


2Eternon__*]] 8:42 PM

good morning pple. time to wake up to rise and shine. haha. this is going to be a freaking lame post.

anywae today is EDS concert. so whoever who wants to go buy afternoon tix you can buy it outside the audi before the performance. [according to kumaran] AND IF YOU ARE WATCHING, RMB TO BUY FLOWERS TO SUPPORT OUR CLASSMATES!!!!

today is polling day but we are too young to vote. but we can still go n INFLUENCE adults on who to vote for. haha.

level camp starts this monday and i hate CAMPS!!! ok. so rmb to check that you have all your things and buy them if you do not have everything on the camping checklist. ENJOY YOUR CAMPS.

-dilys [gy & gaoyinsheng rocks] (:

2Eternon__*]] 10:23 AM

hello. xunlin wants us to post right? so here i am. anw, congrats t everyone cause evrything's over! we can just sit back and reeeeeeeelax now.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

this is for art

Humour and Creativity

Imagine that you and your partner are working as magazine or advertisement designers. Your task for the day is to create an image using 2 unrelated matrices ( e.g Animal + Non- Living thing).
Combination of matrices usually results in humour , using this aspect , play around with ideas to convey your ideas.

You can choose either to design a magazine cover , or an advertisement based on the following themes :

To deter environmental pollution. ( e.g Saving our planet/ forest …) using matrices
( Humans + Non-Living things)

To deter animal-abuse. ( e.g Saving animals / Do not buy fur….) using matrices
( Animals + Non- Living things )

To deter dangerous behaviours. ( Do not drink and drive …) using matrices
( Animals + Non- Living things )

4. To deter inconsiderate behaviours. ( Do not spit / Do not litter ……) using matrices
( Humans + Animals )

You and you partner will then record your ideas (development of work ) in simple thumbnail sketches ( on A4 size paper) , words , sentences, captions and show it to your teacher on next art lesson. ( Compulsary )
Experiment with different compositions, different image , as there will be no limit to the number of images you use from each matrix.

It should also include your response to the following questions :

What images do you intend to choose from each matrix provided?
Why did you choose to use these images ? Are they able to express how you feel or want to say ?
What do you want to say ?

Please note that :
- you are encouraged to create your own captions .
-you are expected to use the magazine templates provided as background of your artwork.
- you can also use the logos provided to enhance your advertisements.
-if you are working on an advertisement instead of a magazine cover , you will need to remove the name of the magazine before working on it.

How to :
(1. use rectangular marquee to select the name e.g ‘TIME’)
(2. use paint bucket to select background colour –Black .)
(3.Fill colour into selected area.)


2Eternon__*]] 1:06 PM

These are the instructions for art proj:

1) Submit 3 thumbnail sketches per group
2) Complete your reflection
3) Save Photoshop file as both your names in JPEG format.
4) Submit all these after the level camp.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

1) 2.4 km run/jog please bring PE shirt and drink lotsa water before the run. keep yourself hydrated and don't fall down and sprain your leg or whatever.

2) clear your desks by tomorrow for level camp, because the sec 1s are going to use our classrooms. be prepared to see a rather trashed desk when you get back. lol, jkjk la.

3) math test and chinese test jia you! study hard, but don't stay up late or you will be too sleepy to do the test.
[actually im doing that but....]

4) i am NOT SURE about du xie, but im sure you will study your chinese textbook for the test so just shun bian study the text lor.

5) D&T individual projects and folios for odd numbers please hand in by tomorrow. even numbers i think should be the same. Group projects also hand in by tomorrow with the folio too.

6) please blog le. no matter what the hell you want to blog, just do it. i never sign my name for the last post everyone all know its me. see how this becomes like MY responsibility?


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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

who knew a class blog would be of so much use?

Chp 14: Effects of Heat Energy
Section B: Short Answer Questions
Effects of heating:
Mass - Remains unchanged
Volume - Increases
Density - Decreases
Effects of cooling:
Mass - Remains unchanged
Volume - Decreases
Density - Increases

a. These bends allow the pipes to expand or contract without cracking
b. Refer to notes on Effect of heat

No. Both strips are made of similar materials and thus will expand evenly together

The water freezes and forms a ‘hump’ at the brim. This is because water expands when the temperature goes below 4°C to 0°C.

Section C: Free response / structured questions

Immerse the bottom of cup B in hot water and / or put ice cubes in cup A. Hot water make cup B expand and ice cubes make cup A contract, so that Jiaming can easily pry open the cups

- Riveting
- Bimetallic strips in thermostats
- Resistance thermometer
- Hot air balloons
- Deformation of plastic bottles
- If there is no room for expansion / contraction:
o Buckled railway track
o Snap / sag overhead cables
o Cracks along roads / bridges

i) When the bimetallic strip is heated
ii) Upon heating, brass expands more than iron and causes the bimetallic strip to bend downwards, so that the metal contacts touch each other

Fire alarm

Types of thermometers - Physical properties:
Liquid-in-glass thermometer - The volume of a fixed mass of liquid changes steadily with temperature
Constant volume gas thermometer - Pressure of a fixed mass of gas at constant volume varies uniformly with changes in temperature
Liquid crystal thermometer - The liquid crystals change colours at different temperature
Resistance thermometer - The resistance of the wire varies uniformly with changes in temperature
Thermocouple thermometer - Amount of electric current flowing in the wires varies uniformly with changes in temperature
Low temperature sensor thermometer - The output voltage varies uniformly with the changes in temperature

Chapter 15: Transfer of Heat
Section B: Short-answer questions
a. convection
b. radiation
c. conduction

Heat conductors
Heat insulators
-Cotton wool
b. Wood. It is a solid that can be easily crafted, has structural strength and economical.
c. The different rate of heating and losing heat on different surfaces

a. A thick fur coat can trapped air which is a poor conductor of heat, so conduction of heat is greatly reduced
b. The lid stops the steam from leaving the cup and thus reduces convection of heat
c. Emission of radiant heat from the food is reflected back by the silvery surfaced aluminium foil, and thus keep the food warm longer

Section C: Free response / structured questions
1) Black surfaces are good absorbers of radiant heat. Thus solar panels are painted black to accumulate maximum heat energy
Silver surfaces are poor absorbers of radiant heat. That’s why oil tanks are painted silver so as to keep the contents cool

a. The stopper is made of poor conductor material like cork. The vacuum between the double glass walls deters conductionb.
b. The stopper stops the steam in the flask from escaping to the surroundings, thus reduce convection
c. Silvered surface of double glass will greatly reduce heat loss by radiation. The exterior metal / plastic case is usually made off shiny material and light colours so as to produce heat loss by radiation

a. Fill the test tube ¼ height with water
Wrap the ice cube with a piece of wire gauze and drop it into the test tube. Ice cube should sink to the bottom
Using a test tube holder, heat the top part of the test tube Observed that water boils at the top part of the test tube and the ice at the bottom melts very slowly. This shows that water is a poor conductor of heat
b. This arrangement help to improve the convection of water in the kettle as warm water expands, become less dense and rises, and cold water contracts, become denser and sinks

a. Convection and radiation
b. Blow, use a fan or put it in an air-conditioned room. To increase convection
Or use a black cup

2Eternon__*]] 4:49 PM


1E '05 / 2E 06`
Dunman High School

We Are A Family
36 Brothers and Sisters
Eternon rox~

#01.out-goingAdryl - Vball
:PE Rep
#02.gracefulAngelina - EDS
#03.smartypantsAshley :D - Art CLub
#04.friendlyPetrina - EDS
#05.caringChingShia - GG
#06.considerateVictoria - SJAB
#07.reliableFelicia - CS
#08.funnyJieTing - CO
#09.cowgalJiamin - Symphonic Band
#10.responsibleYingJie - CS
#11.helpfulXunLin - SJAB
#12.crazyJoanne - CSC
#13.smartElis - Choir
:Science Rep
#14.dilligentJiaHui - CS
:Vice Chairman
#15.enthuRegina - EDS
#16.loyalJingQi - Choir
#17.talkativeDilys - CO
#18.sweetShennLinn - CO
#19.blurYiLin - GG
#20.cartoonishJocelyn - GG
:D&T Rep
#21.FunkayeChelsea - Badminton
#22.cheerfulSiLing - SJAB
#23.sehZhangQian - Wu Shu
:Geog. Rep
#24.kindChenLei - CS
#25.playfulJunJie - NPCC
:HCL Rep
#26.niceBoWen - Scouts
:NE Rep
#27.lazyBenjamin - Scouts
:Maths Rep
#28.gdWei Cheng - Scouts
:Vice Chairman
#29.talentedZi Le - Bball
:D&T Rep
#30.jocularChristopher - Field Cap.
:EL Rep>
#31.quietPingTeck - Bball
:Av Rep
#32.highJoe -Badminton
:Av Rep
#33.comicalGengZhi - Scouts
:Vice Chairman
#34.neutralKangSheng - Scouts
:History Rep
#35.acceptingKianSiong - NPCC
:ACC Rep
#36.fastJunHao - Bball
:PE Rep


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